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Why Most People Will Never Be Great at Custom T-shirt

I think we’ve all been there: you want to do something, but you keep putting it off because you’re afraid of trying and failing. You get stuck in a cycle of thinking, “Am I really great enough to do this?”. And that question becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. So today we’re addressing the key issues that prevent people from becoming great at custom t-shirt design.

People are afraid to make mistakes.

Most people are afraid to make mistakes, which is why they’re never great at anything. Some people have it in their minds that if they don’t get it right the first time, then they’re a failure. This just isn’t true! Failure is part of the process. If you don’t fail, then you’re not trying hard enough which means that you’ll never be great at whatever it is that you do.

People are afraid to work hard.

I can understand why people are afraid to work hard. It’s hard and it takes time and energy, which no one wants to give up. But when you put in the effort, you will succeed. If you don’t have the right attitude or mindset, however, you won’t be able to make it through anything difficult. You will always see obstacles as something negative instead of seeing them as opportunities for growth and learning how to do things better next time around.

The second reason why most people will never be great at custom print t shirt is because they lack self-confidence about their abilities or their potential career path in general (this includes our friends back home who are still thinking about giving up on their dream). Here’s a tip if this problem sounds familiar: write down your goals before going to bed every night (or whenever else works for schedule) because this allows us all those nice images that pop up during our dreams and if we’re lucky enough these images might turn into reality!

People lack confidence.

People who lack confidence will never be great at anything because they don’t believe in themselves and their abilities. They are always doubting themselves and as a result they do not put 100% effort into what they do.

Conversely, people with strong self-confidence can accomplish amazing things because they believe in their abilities even when others doubt them or tell them otherwise (and we all get told “no” for some reason or other).

Making t-shirts isn’t easy, but it’s fun!

It’s fun to design your own t-shirt printing and customize the design for each customer. It’s even more fun when you make a mistake and have to re-print from scratch, because then you get to do it all over again! Plus, since you oversee everything from start to finish, there are no rules or restrictions holding you back (except if they apply). You can create anything that your brain can come up with. You can even create things that might seem weird at first but turn out amazing in the end (and moreover…it doesn’t cost any extra money).

Misunderstanding the true definition of greatness.

Greatness is not an absolute state of being, it’s a personal journey that everyone takes in their own way and on their own time. Some people are born with natural talent while others must work hard for everything they earn. And still others have been given some of life’s greatest gifts: intelligence, drive and luckiness (I’m looking at all my friends who got into Harvard here). Whatever stage of your journey feels like the one where greatness can happen may not actually be that moment, it might just feel like it because we’re always comparing ourselves to other people instead of looking inwardly for what makes us special.


I hope this post has helped you look at the idea of greatness in a new way. Don’t worry about failing. This is a big part of what makes us human and keeps us learning, growing, and improving as people. Just remember that if you keep trying, keep working hard, and keep surrounding yourself with others who are willing to do the same then there really isn’t anything stopping anyone from being great at anything!